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7 Ultimate Features of Laptop Backpack

A perfect laptop bag is a must for all commuters, business travelers or college students. Today's world requires flexibility and having your laptop on the go is advantageous, it doesn't...

A perfect laptop bag is a must for all commuters, business travelers or college students. Today's world requires flexibility and having your laptop on the go is advantageous, it doesn't matter if it is meeting your colleague in the favorite coffee shop, finalize last emails before boarding the plane on your business trip or watch the movie on your daily commute. But flexibility is not only part of the game. Your body health is something that you should consider when thinking about traveling with a laptop. Believe me, your back and shoulders will thank you later. 

We have summarized the best 7 features which every good laptop backpack should have:

large capacity laptop backpack

1. MOBILE POWER INTERFACE - Charging backpack with USB port can supply your phone or tablet by power anytime and anywhere you go. The best laptop backpacks have an integrated external USB plug where you can connect your mobile or tablet while you are waiting for your flight at the gate or going back by train from work to home. And this is a super convenient and elegant solution. Backpacks with chargers are suitable for all daily commuters who love to watch a new episode of the favorite serial in a train, businessmen spending hours and hours on the airports, college students and more. Charging backpack for businessmen, IT developers or college students is a perfect alternative to a laptop briefcase which may cause so much back pain.

charging laptop backpack 

2. WATERPROOF MATERIAL - Are you scared that a sudden storm will catch you unprepared in the middle of the city and your expensive laptop will get wet? Since you are probably traveling with electronics inside, the weatherproof material is the must. The Oxford material used on all MARK RYDEN backpacks is fully water-resistant, which means that material remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. Such items may be used in wet environments. 

The MARK RYDEN backpacks are made from new generation waterproof PU, with a waterproof membrane on the zippers. It has excellent water resistance, and only a few backpacks on the market can handle even really heavy downpours. So, if you don't live in the desert, having a waterproof laptop backpack is a good idea.

 large waterproof backpack


The breathable back pad and ventilated shoulder straps are quite important features that your new laptop backpack should have if you don't want to come to the job with a sweatshirt. High-density foam, anti-sweat material and breathable and ventilated mesh are not just catchy words but also great features that you will love

Good laptop backpack has a rear covered with a breathable mesh which secures great ventilation. Also, there is a lot of chunky lining between your back and the interior of the bag which brings additional comfort during wearing the backpack. The belt is fitted with the soft padding and mesh as well, while the handy chest strap features a compass.

breathable mesh backpack


Are you scared that the thieves will open the laptop charging backpack without you notice it? Relax! The configured TSA-Friendly lock, back hidden pockets and high-quality YKK metal zippers are a very powerful solution. With a detail look on some backpacks, you will realize that some of them seem to be zippless, that they have no zippers on them. That’s because the zipper and the pullers are hidden away – usually are placed on the backside.

tsa-friendly backpack

Good anti-theft laptop backpack also have lockable zippers. Each backpack usually has two pullers for the main compartment which can be locked together by a lock with the digit combination. Small but suitable detail which each anti-theft backpack should have is a hidden pocket for your credit card, wallet or flash disk with important company data. These secret pockets are not visible during wearing and almost impossible to reach by muggers or thieves. Anti-theft backpacks are a clever idea for your business and leisure travels. Mark Ryden USA bags are TSA-Friendly.


In 2020, there are many different sizes of laptop backpacks on the market. You can find business bags that are large enough to carry everything you need for short business trips including 17.3 inch laptops or you can choose small laptop bags or sling bags for daily commuting for your 10.2 inch Apple iPad. The large capacity of backpacks allows you to put 13, 13.3, 14, 15, 15.6, 17 inch laptops and Macbooks into the bag, so no matter what size laptop you have, you can be always on the move. Every good laptop backpack has more separated compartments. As a part of main compartment, there is a padded sleeve for a laptop or tablet. Besides this, you will find more smaller compartments for your keys, mobile phone etc.

padded laptop compartment


Elegant dark colors, modern shapes and sharp details. It's not just an ergonomic’s design but also a careful combination of colors and materials that gives you a great looking backpack for daily use. Not too much extravagant for coming to business meetings neither not too boring to give a chance to stand out the crowd.


Best laptop backpacks are specially designed for airplane travel. Possibility to attach the backpack to your cabin luggage handle or 180° opening are great features which can save your time and efforts when you are crossing the airports on your business trips. It will help you quickly pass the airport security control without taking your computer out of your backpack. You will be able to open a backpack by 90-180 degrees and then put the laptop on it. 

 large travel bag

Thank you for your time and for reading our summary of 7 Best Features of Laptop Backpacks. Feel free to visit MARK RYDEN store where you can buy backpacks with chargers, anti-theft backpacks, backpacks with waterproof material and much more ultimate features. 

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