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How to Choose a Laptop Backpack - 7 Aspects You Should Consider Before Buying

There are lots of brands on the market that are offering laptop backpacks right now. There are many differences between them and it can be difficult to pick the right...

There are lots of brands on the market that are offering laptop backpacks right now. There are many differences between them and it can be difficult to pick the right one for your needs. Traveling with a laptop to work or school is a more comfortable and practical option than with a laptop case. It is also much healthier for your back.

We reviewed 7 important factors you should consider when buying a laptop backpack:

1. Wearing Comfort 

Comfort is an important consideration when buying a laptop backpack especially if you are carrying a lot of extra weight. The best laptop bags have extra padding on the back as well as the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps should also match the curve of your shoulders and should be adjustable too. A backpack with padded and comfortable back and straps won't give your body too much tension and you can walk freely.

breathable laptop backpack


2.Safe and Secure (Anti-Theft Backpack)

It is always important to find a backpack that offers specific protection for your laptop. The best backpacks come with straps to hold the laptop tightly during the motion while some even come with a padded sleeve for your laptop to ensure it is safe and secure from accidental drops and damage. But it's not just about keeping your laptop secure inside the backpack but also about keeping your technology safe from the thieves. A good laptop is not a cheap thing today, right? Best backpack have also anti-theft zippers which make it impossible or very difficult to be open by thieves in unguarded moments. Some models can have also RFID lockers.

anti theft laptop bag

3. Durability of Material

Good quality is critical if you want your laptop backpack to last. The best laptop bags have good quality zips and the stitching is located inside of the bag. The exterior of the bag should be made of lightweight, water-resistant and hard-wearing material. Oxford fabric is a very popular material for its strong durability, can be easily washed and is waterproof.


durable laptop backpack


4. Storage place

First question you need to ask yourself is how much stuff will you need to carry? Is your office or school paperless and you will need only a slim bag for a laptop or do you commute daily with a laptop, books, pencils, a sandwich, a bottle of watter and more?  A good laptop backpack won't have just a special laptop storage place. The best laptop bags also have multiple separate compartments and pockets for all your other accessories such as external hard-drives, sunglasses, chargers and cables, mobile phone etc. There not only protect the laptop from scratches but also prevent your other items from being squashed by the laptop.

big size laptop backpack

5. Waterproof Material

If you are carrying your laptop around, there's a chance that will get caught in bad weather, drop it in a puddle or spill a drink on it. The best laptop bags are completely waterproof (and not just showerproof as most of them), stain proof and most important of all resistant to the elements.

waterproof laptop backpack

6. Style

The style is yet another important consideration when buying a laptop backpack. Hundred people will like a hundred styles. Choosing a good style will not just express your personality but will also give others idea about you, your style and status.

stylish laptop

7. Bonus Features

It is always good to have extra features in your laptop backpack. A well designed, trendy laptop bag will come equipped with the latest features such as an inbuilt portable USB slot that lets you power your devices on the go. Other good features to considerate are anti-theft zippers and hidden pockets to help keep your accessories safe and protected or straps for connection with cabin baggage.

best laptop backpack for travel

MARK RYDEN backpacks collection offers a wide selection of laptop bags with all the features you need.

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