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Shop for $200 and get $50 off. LEARN MORE!
Shop for $200 and get $50 off. LEARN MORE!
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Laptop backpacks as a real trend in office fashion

Let's be honest - carrying a briefcase or shoulder bag to work is really terribly out. At least according to us.    Backpacks have dominated instead of bags for some...

Let's be honest - carrying a briefcase or shoulder bag to work is really terribly out. At least according to us. 

Backpacks have dominated instead of bags for some time now, including the office fashion. Nice, modern city models that fit perfectly into work and business environments. They are practical and can be conservative or original in design: and thus perfectly complement your image. In addition, they are adapted to today's digital lifestyle and work. What do business backpacks offer today?
Do you work modernly, quickly, in an office, but often remotely? You will definitely not be alone. Nowadays, we need to have everything important almost always with us: laptop, phone, chargers, cables, accessories, documents. But also documents, a bottle of drink or an umbrella. It's not enough. It is clear that a classic bag is not enough for these purposes. Manufacturers of modern work backpacks therefore adapt the design of their models so that the backpack itself is part of the work equipment. That's why they have a well-thought-out internal architecture, designed for the right workflow every day.

The right business backpack has lots of pockets and parts inside to perfectly organize your work accessories. Ideally, you will find special sections for electronics, chargers, cables, documents, headphones and, of course, a pocket for iPad and laptop - optimally with a strap to firmly fix all devices during transport. Everything should serve its purpose perfectly. Even if you accidentally slip into it, you immediately know what you have where. You are always perfectly sharp, so nothing will upset you. Fortune favours the prepared!
Solution for 365
Perhaps if the Italian Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi had a modern city backpack, he would never have seen the differences between the different parts of the year so perfectly in his work The Four Seasons. With a runaway business backpack, you may not even care about the whims of the weather.

In the hot summer, the soft back padding and comfortable breathable straps with a layer of ventilation mesh, separating the backpack from direct contact with the back, are the absolute basis. The functional design with the ventilation system ensures the dissipation of the accumulation of heat that arises in the area of ​​the back and shoulders while carrying the backpack. Avoiding sweat stains on your shirt, and keeping yourself busy for work or important meetings is alpha-omega in this industry. Professionals are aware of this and do not underestimate important details.

So in autumn and winter? Thanks to great materials, high-quality business backpacks are waterproof today. Everything inside stays nice and dry. And so you can keep up your pace, stay ahead, be fast and accurate. And focus only on the most important. However, today's backpacks for work will make it easy for you.
Bet on quality product design
But what should a suitable business backpack actually look like? First, you don't need a particularly large model - bet on elegance and confident, minimalist curves. Neutral enough to make the backpack aesthetically pleasing in a more formal work and business environment, where you will need especially representative clothing and accessories. Remember that a backpack is a completely integral part of your outfit; part of your image and expression of personality. Therefore, choose your design carefully. We are convinced that this really matters in this case.

Because the backpack is one of the basic working tools, not only the aesthetic appearance, but also its practical functions must be in harmony with each other and create a unique product design. So don't forget that a backpack is still a backpack. So it should fit you perfectly and be comfortable. Therefore, pay attention to the overall ergonomics and shaping of the straps for the given models. If the backpack is well designed, you should be able to easily adjust its position so that it will feel much lighter when worn. Even with a fully loaded backpack, you will save a lot of energy, which you can instead put into your work performance. Good backpack = simply good technology.

Choosing a suitable and nice business backpack, instead of a dull shoulder bag, is not difficult at all. There are a lot of great options. Read our other articles, or look at models in various categories with us at markrydenusa.com.
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