7 Laptop Backpacks For Your Successful Year On Campus

The summer is almost over and another semester is around the corner. Yes, we know, it's so cruel! Especially if you're lying on the beach while you're reading this ☀️

But it's time to review your essentials and get ready for a smooth start. Every student needs a good laptop and every laptop needs a laptop backpack, that is an old truth. A good laptop might be very expensive and it should be protected whether you're traveling to your lessons or going our after class.

Investment in a high-quality laptop backpack can be an investment with high-return if you expect to spend four years at a US college and want to avoid scoliosis. At university or college, you may be expected to use way more books than you are used to.

Now, back to school! We present 6 of the best laptop backpacks for college:


This is a legend in our portfolio, a classic college design with the most features that you can expect in a backpack in 2020. MASTER is a laptop backpack with a laptop sleeve and enough space to pack all your electronic devices and daily necessities. It can hold both 15.6 laptop and 9.7-inch iPad and will be perfect for people commuting to school or college, digital nomads, or photographers.


laptop backpack for college


LOCKER is one of our latest models in the backpacks portfolio. This is a lightweight anti-theft backpack with a TSA lock which will make your travels absolutely safe from thieves in public transport and anywhere you go. Again, this model has a laptop sleeve and fits 15.6 laptops and a 10.5-inch iPad. A great feature is a waterproof material including SBS zippers, which increases durability and gives a luxurious look. You don't need to worry about your laptop anymore with a waterproof backpack, This is a backpack for every kind of weather!


best anti-theft backpack for college


Are you looking for a laptop backpack but need something more ... playful? :) ARYA is a small 14-inch laptop backpack with the classic style available in 4 wonderful colors! This is the bag for anyone who wants to add a splash of color to their accessories! ARYA women college bag has durable water-resistant Oxford fabric and strong YKK zippers which will give you easy access. Fits 14-inch laptops or 9.7-inch iPad and mainly, is available in 4 colors including pink and yellow! 🤩


college backpack for women


This model is full of new features and travel backpack technology for daily commuters, college students or businessmen. This one is great if you will need to carry heavy books (We’re looking at you, med school students!), because you will get great comfort with new damping shoulder straps. The elastics material, which connects the shoulder strap and the backpack, can significantly reduce the burden on the shoulders and prevent back pain. Like many of our backpacks, TYCOON has an integrated USB and micro USB ports so you can be sure that your technology will always be ready when you need it! Great for times when you need to go through a security line, the Tycoon features a 180° opening design, so you don't need to remove laptop and other electronics from your backpack anymore! This is THE business-ready backpack! 👔


best usb charging backpack


The fantastic feature of this laptop backpack is its multifunctionality. This backpack can be switched from bag to elegant business briefcase in a second by adjusting the shoulder straps. Are you a student of law or economy? This one might be the best option for you! Just like all Mark Ryden backpacks, the Paramount has a laptop sleeve that fits 15.6 laptops and 9.7-inch iPad. Is your current bag sometimes a mess? This backpack offers large-capacity pockets and a great 90-degree opening design which makes it really easy to find everything in there!


college laptop backpack


Last but definitely not the least - the latest newcomer to Mark Ryden's backpack family. There are not many backpacks on the market like the SPECTRUM 💪 Durable digit lock, waterproof Oxford material15.6 inch laptops ready, unique healthy back design, brand new style of durable YKK zippers or micro USB charging. WOW! 

best laptop backpack for college


Here is an extra bonus option - ÄRNVI laptop backpack with classic Scandinavian style. If you are the type who likes to stand out from the crowd, this is definitely the bag for you. ÄRNVI laptop backpack is a 15-inch laptop backpack with the catchy style available in 11 wonderful colors! It may look small from outside but be sure that there is enough space for all your books, laptop, snacks and other necessities. 

small laptop backpack for women

Don't forget to check the backpacks currently on sale to get the best deals of the month! 

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