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The Mark Ryden company started on November 17, 1995 and since that time has brought more than to 250 000 customers worldwide a great variety of anti-theft laptop backpacks, travel bags, sling bags and other travel accessories.


Our mission is to bring you the best travel trends to make your journeys unforgettable. We are constantly searching out new technology and testing our products for you. You can be confident that our travel backpacks and all travel accessories all the latest, cutting-edge trends.


For us, it’s mainly about YOU! We know that your travels are sometimes connected to the job, sometimes you travel for love, sometimes just because you want to experience something new and exciting.


We never stop improving our products to bring you the best materials to make our backpacks more durable, new features to bring even more comfort and security, and the latest styles to make you look even better, all at an affordable price.

Absolutely nothing negative to say about this backpack. This backpack is a pockets lover dream. It has compartments all over the place. I have an obsession with organization in bags so I'm in heaven with this one. Zippered compartments everywhere! If I filled every compartment this bag has I probably wouldn't be able to carry it. Great front personal items compartment that has slots for cards, passport, pens, boarding passes. The usb port is a wonderful bonus. I could have used this backpack when I was at the Star Trek convention and my phone battery depleted. I connected my phone to a battery charger that I had in my backpack. I had to leave my pack partially unzipped to run the cord as I walked around. Would have been nice to connect via a port on the bag and leave my pack zipped up. Buy this backpack, you'll have no regrets.
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