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Our custom logo-branded backpacks prioritize durability and functionality, while also exuding a stylish appearance that you'll proudly showcase at the airport or in the locker room.
Enhance your company's image with custom backpacks, bags, and luggage featuring your corporate logo. By incorporating your logo onto these items, you not only create functional and stylish products but also effective advertising tools that your employees or customers can use as they desire.
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3 ways how to increase your brand visibility

Learn more how your can benefit from using laptop backpacks with your corporate logo

Company Gifts for Employees

1. Branding everywhere - showcase your logo on the move

There is nothing better for your brand than your employees daily commuting to job with laptop backpack branded by your company logo. Provide your teams professional laptop bags and spread your brand to the city. Get the best corporate backpacks on the market today and prepare your company gifts for upcomming events!

Company Gifts for Employees

2. Company gifts - reward your customers

Give high quality laptop backpack to your customers and business partners as a gift for your product launch, corporate meeting or annual kick-off sessions and you can be sure that your brand will be still in their minds! Still thinking about best company gift?

Company Gifts for Employees

3. Backpack for employees - leverage onboarding experience

One of the most stresfull days for your employees is their very first day. Prepare perfect onboarding package and increase loyality from the begining. What can be better than get new laptop in a stylish backpack with your company logo?

Company Gifts for Employees

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Free samples available
Contact us for free mock-up with your logo
Free samples available
Contact us for free mock-up with your logo
Free samples available

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When you open a professional account with us, you will be assigned an experienced customer service agent who will serve as your dedicated point of contact.

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A professional account grants you instant access to exclusive quantity discounts and tailored offers that cater to the unique requirements of your company.

Priority support line for corporate customers

Our corporate customers enjoy the priviledge of priority support from our customer service team.

Free delivery worldwide

No matter where you are located, we offer free delivery for all your customized backpack orders.

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When our team gets in touch with you, we'll go over the following details:

Logo options

When it comes to imprinting logos on backpacks, there are two methods to consider. One-color printing is perfect for a clean and minimalistic look, and multi-color printing is for intricate logos. For customers who prefer backpacks without the Mark Ryden logo, customization is possible starting from 150 pieces. We are ready to offer also embroidered or metal logos as a durable branding solution, adding a touch of uniqueness to your backpacks.

Product size and preferences

Are you looking for larger backpacks with large storage capacity, or would you prefer smaller, more compact options? There are plenty of options to offer. You might want to explore AVIATOR, HERO or HORIZON, the most wanted backpacks by corporate customers.

Individual pricing

We understand the importance of competitive pricing. Based on the backpack model and desired quantity, we are ready to prepare a detailed quotation along with the applicable discount.

Logo placement

If you would like to include your company logo on the backpacks, we will ask you for the logo file in a vector-based (PNG) format. This will enable us to prepare a visual representation of the backpacks with your logo for your approval.

Deadlines for delivery

Do you have a specific deadline by which you need the backpacks delivered? Timelines are important now just for us ensure timely production, but also to meet your deadlines, for example your comapny product event. We can offer two shipping options - free economy shipping and express shipping.

Corporate Backpack as the best Company Gift

In today's fast-paced business world, having the right tools and accessories is essential for productivity and success. One often overlooked item is the laptop backpack. While it may seem like...

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